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Level 4 Hair Designer

What do you love most about your profession? I love being able to feel my creative outlet and giving my clients a boost of confidence. I get the opportunity everyday to instill positivity and encourage people to see the best versions on themselves.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off? I love to clean and organize my house for the week ahead. It drives me crazy to live in chaos!

What are you most grateful for? My family and my relationship with God. I’d be nothing without them.

What instantly makes your day better? Seeing the way my son looks at me. No matter what happens throughout my day, his peace and happiness keeps me going and will always make me smile.

What are your favorite services to perform? Anything color/haircut related!

What are the best skills that you bring to the job? Educating and being honest and transparent about clients’ expectations. As a stylist, clients are trusting us to not only make them happy, but also possibly adjust their views on what may or may not be the best fit for them. Education on proper haircare, products, tools and maintenance for the look they’re going for.

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