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  • Every service provider at VCS works on a level system. The level system accomplishes two main goals. The first is to provide a career path of growth and achievement for our team. The second is to provide several options for your various service needs. Service providers achieve level promotions based on the demand for their time.

    Guests may choose the level that best fits their needs and their budget. The training our team receives is consistent, innovative, and in-depth. It starts from the moment they are hired and continues through their entire career with us.


  • 1 hour Massage | from $80
  • Series of 6 for $510

1/2 hour Massage | $45

  • Hot Stone Massage | $105

    1/2 hour Reflexology | $45



Series of 6 | $600

Slim and tone your body with a cutting-edge cellulite treatment. This slimming and toning wrap stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat, increase metabolism and eliminate water retention. The natural ingredients in the treatment smooth and enhance your skin’s overall texture, and visibly reduces spongy, dimply, cellulite areas.

CREPE NO MORE WRAP | from $110

Series of 6 | $600

De-Aging, Firming and Blur Crepiness – Leaves Skin Soft and Luminous

This breakthrough body wrap contains Longan Fruit Seed Extract for superb skin smoothing and slimming benefits, and collagen, as well as hyaluronic acid for a firmer, deeply hydrated and rejuvenated, more luminous appearance. Featuring a high quality, 100% absorbable formulation, this body wrap requires no rinsing, thereby supporting water conservation and sustainability. Recommended for all skin types, especially mature skin with lipo-aging.

SUGAR SCRUB | from $60

Softens & Smooths Dry, Rough Areas for a More Youthful-Looking Body

The first step for a successful body care program. Gentle and deep cleansing, this Silky Skin Body Scrub eliminates dead cells, superficial toxicity, impurities and sebum accumulation. Renders dry and rough areas soft and smooth, resulting in a more youthful-looking skin. Recommended for all skin types.