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Level 5 Hair Designer

I’m very grateful for the many years I’ve worked at VCS. I’ve been doing hair for 48 years, and 30 of them have been at VCS. I can still say that I love my job. I’ve slowed down in the last few years, but each day is a joy. I am my very happiest when someone tells me ‘I love my hair! It’s perfect!’

I think I’ve loved my career so much because I’ve been blessed to have worked for such great people. They’re always making sure we have the education and skills necessary to succeed. Having spanned so many years in a salon, it’s awesome to watch new stylists grow. Many of us have been here for years with our clients staying, too. I think when it’s time to retire (yes, I’ve been saying this for awhile), I’d like to see Egypt, Israel and Africa.. maybe not in one trip. I’ll add the national parks, if possible. Possibly move to a warmer climate.

Meanwhile, I’m honored to continue to come do my job, enjoying every day I spend here!