Have had extensive educational training in cutting and chemical techniques. These qualified educators will be training our staff of apprentices.


Have mastered the art of designing hair, have had extensive training and experience in Color and Perming techniques and have achieved a specified criteria for professional development.


Have completed designer training, have at least 2 years experience in Color and Perming techniques, are experts in the art of hair design, coloring and perming techniques and have developed both personally and professionally within our Salon.


Have been through our extensive training program, are new to our Salon and wish to offer discounted services in order to introduce their abilities to our Clientele.


At this level the stylist has been in our training programs 6-12 months. They have been evaluated and passed all cutting techniques, coloring, styling, make-up application and facial waxing. The protege level is the stylist last phase of training. This also allows them to practice what they have learned as they build their clientele. They also practice perfecting listening and communication skills with their guest. The protege stylist is working with an educator and all haircuts and color will be evaluated before the guest leaves the salon.

Our Staff works as a team.
We encourage changing of Stylists within our Salon